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Here you will find texts that will help you in your school research. They are summaries of various Brazilian sociological, cultural and historical topics, especially in the North and Northeast of Brazil.

The objective is to facilitate access to information and encourage you to browse. Do not forget to cite sources when using the texts in their work.

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Prominent Personalities of March

         Gilberto Freyre 

Amaro Francisco Borges
Aníbal Bruno
Antonio Conselheiro
Castro Alves
Cícero Dias
Padre Cícero Romão Batista
Diná de Oliveira
Dona Santa
Gilberto Freyre
Glauber Rocha
Gregório Bezerra
Jorge Abrantes
José Carlos Cavalcanti Borges
Luiz Viana Filho
Manoel Borba
Maria Bonita
Olegário Mariano
Renato Carneiro Campos
Visconde do Rio Branco


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