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Francisco Augusto PEREIRA DA COSTA was born on 16 December 1851, at number 10 on the former Bela St, today Ulhoa Cintra St, in Recife, to Mariano Pereira da Costa and Maria Augusta Pereira da Costa.

 From a poor family, he barely finished his primary schooling at Colégio Nossa Senhora do Bom Conselho and was already working as an employee at a bookstore on Imperador St to help support his family. Probably his addiction to books and his love for reading and research came from there.

At 20 years of age, he worked as an amanuensis in the repartition of the Public Works, later at the Preservation of the Ports, at the Secretary of the Governor and at the Pernambuco House of Representatives and, in 1884, was Secretary to the Governor of Piauí.

He entered journalism at 21, contributing to the Recife newspaper Diario de Pernambuco, in 1872.

In 1891, already a family man, he graduated in law from the Recife Faculty of Law.

He held the positions of Member of the Recife Municipal Council and Pernambuco State Representative, having been elected in 1901.

He was also a member of the Archaeological, Historic and Geographic Institute of Pernambuco, where he received the title of Honorary Member. According to him, the Archaeological Institute was his school; his archaeology tent where he met great masters.

He was a founder of the Pernambuco Academy of Letters and of various Brazilian institutions, like the Historic and Geographic Institutes of Alagoas, Ceará, Paraíba, Bahia and São Paulo, among others.

He left a large quantity of work, with the most important of them being Anais pernambucanos (Pernambuco Annals), a 10-volume research study, ordered chronologically, in which can be found the majority of matters on history and Pernambuco life from 1493 to 1850. Also by him, among others, are A Confederação do Equador (The Conferderation of Ecuador) (1876); Dicionário biográfico de pernambucanos celebres (Biographical Dictionary of Pernambuco Notables) (1882); Enciclopédia brasileira (Brazilian Encyclopaedia) (1889); Folclore pernambucano (Pernambuco Folklore) (1909); Vocabulário pernambucano (Pernambuco Vocabulary) (1936) and Arredores do Recife (The Outskirts of Recife), reedited by Editora Massangana, in 2001.

Francisco Augusto Pereira da Costa died in Recife on 21 November 1923.

Recife, 15 July 2003.
(Updated on 4 September 2009).

Translated by Peter Leamy, January 2012.


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